New Patient Exams in Chesterfield VA

Keep Your Child’s Smile Beautiful With New Patient Exams

Baby teeth are extremely important to a child’s speech development and ability to chew with ease. These tiny teeth also play a crucial role in helping the adult teeth to come in properly. Losing baby teeth prematurely or not taking care of them correctly can cause dental issues later on. To avoid this, bring your child in for one of our new patient exams as soon as that first baby tooth makes its appearance.

When Should a Child Start Routine Dental Exams?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends the first dental visit within six months of seeing that first tooth. You definitely want to start scheduling dental exams no later than your child's first birthday to ensure the best care. These dental exams include a thorough cleaning. Our dentist, Lindsey North, DDS, MS, will check to make sure everything is progressing properly. After the first visit, we can schedule your child for routine visits every six months to ensure their teeth continue to develop correctly.

What a Child’s Dental Exam Near Me Entails

Children’s dental exams are quick and painless procedures. Our staff does everything we can to make your little one feel comfortable, and Dr. North will examine their teeth, gums, and bite carefully. Any other course of action will be determined by your individual circumstances. X-rays may be recommended. This would depend on your child’s age and specific needs. We also may do a dental cleaning and fluoride treatment while you are in the office.

What to Expect During a Dental Exam Near Me

During your child’s dental exam in Chesterfield, VA, our staff will discuss any preventive or restorative treatments your child may need, as well as go over good oral hygiene practices with you and your little one. You’ll be able to ask questions about oral habits, teething, nutrition, or any other concerns you may have. We will schedule your child’s next appointment before you leave so that we can continue to monitor their development and provide any necessary preventive care. We want to ensure that your child’s smile stays healthy and bright.

Children's New Patient Exams for Healthy Teeth

Here at Bitty Bites, we understand that new patients, as well as their parents, can be apprehensive when it comes to those first dental exams. When you find yourself saying it is time to look for a dental exam near me, Bitty Bites is the place to go. Dr. North and our entire staff will make sure you and your child’s experience is positive. Call Bitty Bites today to schedule one of our new patient exams for your child.