Space Maintainers

in Richmond, VA

Space Maintainers

in Richmond, VA

Primary teeth, also known as baby teeth, are important to your child's oral health and development. If premature tooth loss occurs, your trusted team at Bitty Bites Pediatric Dentistry may recommend the use of a space maintainer to protect your child's dental health until the permanent tooth is ready to come in. With our commitment to quality care using cutting-edge technology and techniques, you can trust that your child's smile is in capable hands.

What Happens When a Baby Tooth Is Lost Prematurely?

Baby teeth play an essential role in the healthy growth and development of your child's facial muscles and jawbones. They help with speech development and chewing, and also hold the place for and help guide the new adult teeth to come into their proper position.

If a baby tooth is lost before its permanent replacement is ready to erupt due to trauma or decay, the neighboring teeth may shift into the gap or tilt out of alignment, interfering with the space needed for the permanent tooth to erupt correctly. That can result in crooked teeth or a crowded mouth, which may require future orthodontic treatments. 

How Do Space Maintainers Help?

Space maintainers are custom-fit removable or fixed orthodontic devices made from metal or acrylic. They maintain the space needed for the proper growth of the incoming permanent teeth, making it easier for them to emerge in the correct alignment. Space maintainers help reduce or even eliminate the need for orthodontic treatments such as braces down the road.


How Should Your Child Care for a Space Maintainer?

Encourage your child to maintain meticulous oral hygiene practices, including regular brushing and flossing. Your child should avoid chewy, sugary, or hard foods to prevent damage to the device. Make sure to schedule regular dental exams to allow us to monitor your child's new tooth growth and development.

Space Maintainers in Richmond, VA

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